Friday, January 28, 2005


I was day dreaming over my lunch today, remembering a time when we would gather in the local pub ' The Shoulder of Mutton " at weekends. There were ten of us, we would drink vast quantities, like you do when you are young and bullet proof. As the evening wore on the time would come for the bar to close, we would then visit " The Warehouse " our favourite night club. More drinking, reckless dancing & totally useless attempts at finding a partner for the night would follow. Until even this venue would close its doors, turn off its lights & most importantly lock away the alcohol.

Now you would think that after this drinking marathon at 03.00 am we would be ready to go home...Oh no.. That would be TOO EASY !!

Instead we walked to a local historical site Howley Hall
Here at 03.00 am in the morning we played hide & seek, you had to be there. Pitch black, drunk, ruins & mud. Walking home after an hour of this, I was stopped by a local Police car. They asked me what I had been doing & where I was going. I told them EXACTLY what I had done that evening. They did not believe me !! They didn't even offer me a lift home. Damn!

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