Monday, December 13, 2004


Let me tell you about my flat mate, she started out OK with a tolerance for the children’s visits & a generally good demeanor. Somewhere along the line, I don’t know if it was a disappointment generated by one of her serial boyfriends, a transgression by me or the children but she has turned in to a harpy from hell!

Last night was a typical example of her behavior, after trying to climb writers block hill; I gave up and began to listen to some music on my system. As I was the only one home it was at a loud volume but as I say, I was home alone.

The next thing I know after an hour's listening my room door crashes open & a hail of abuse comes my way regarding the volume of my system. No knock no politeness just arrogant aggressive doltish behavior.
This continued long after the offending system had been turned down.

She is the same with my children, after starting out treating both the same she has made the classic non parent error of favoring my young son over his older sister. Children pick up on this & my daughter now shudders every time this idiot walks in to the room.

I intend to do something about this & although not a good move financially, move out when the lease is due for renewal in March. Good riddance.

Listening to Courtney Pine " Journey to the urge within"

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