Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Hips & Knees

I have been attacked over this in the past, but as the Olympic opening ceremony showed, it is one thing we can be proud of & those people who want to see this turned in to a profit making free for all, will feel the hurt when the time comes at the next election. This is from the Guardian,

"In this summer of flag-waving bombast, nestling between the jubilee and the Olympics, the anniversary of the NHS should be recalled as this country's single greatest accomplishment. It was a victory from the ballot box, not the battlefield, saving lives, not taking them. It was born not of blue blood but of noble effort. It is a product not of individual sporting or creative genius, but collective will and democratic empowerment. In the wake of the horrors of the second world war it was the proudest gift to a land fit for heroes, delivered at a time when the national debt made our current crisis look like an embarrassing bar tab SO LEAVE IT ALONE !"

I was attacked because I was angry at the " Snout in the trough " attitude of a person I was a guest of. It was not until I heard him speak & listened to his " Management " ( I use this phrase carefully, because after 20 yrs of management experience, everything from a small 34 seat restaurant to a store in a major supermarket chain ) I have to be honest,, never heard such crap in all my life, If talking bollocks all night makes you a manager ...I really should have done it earlier. Which makes me sad to see people older than him lapping up every word. Believe me if these people are in charge of the future we are  F****d.

I hope that when the next election comes, righteous people will vote for what is right, then smite them with all the power we have .

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