Saturday, June 09, 2012


Two days left of training before we go live with the new client, Can't wait... I am getting bored of the classroom. It is that feeling of inactivity, need to be doing something.
I have to say that I am excited as the client concerned is a major department store chain & I do not mean " cheap ". Think more quality & service...

Coupled with the package is a 25% discount on all items including sales.... I may even upgrade the wardrobe..who wouldn't ?

Just looked through my archive of tracks selecting those I think could be ripe for progression to the next step i.e. taking seriously and I find I have 15 to choose from. Bugger ! How can I fit in work, evenings out & music ? Something will have to give....I suspect the music, but still evenings surrounded by good friends & partners are hard to avoid.

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