Thursday, May 24, 2012


I was sad to learn of the death of Peter Jones,this week, ( pictured second from right) the drummer who had the task of filling Paul Hester's drum stool in Crowded House, he died from a brain tumour aged 45. What a sad way to go for someone so young & talented.

We saw Peter play with the band on their "Together Alone" tour, over a week that took in Manchester, Sheffield & Paris...Guess which one we enjoyed the most ? He fitted in as a drummer but could not match Hester's wit in the live environment. He also returned to the kit for the bands " Farewell to the world " comeback on the steps of Sydney opera house...what a place to play a gig ! With a pint of lager in his hand as he arrived at the kit !
Crowded House are beginning to evolve in to Spinal Tap....That is the second drummer they have lost to the " Reaper ".....

In other news I have a week of " Familiarisation " What a term ! With software & protocols for a new client. In other words, trying to stay awake through yet another power point presentation & ensuring I read everything when I get home. while resisting the temptation to over eat at lunchtime...

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