Friday, May 11, 2012


Here is Andrew , my last year in NZ was spent everyday in his company sharing the same house.Wonderfully managed by the Eighty year old Christabel. He was studying music in Auckland. Apart from some great conversations ranging from the Beatles to Stockhausen.. excepting the fact he played the bagpipes( Not in the house !) Everynight I listened to him playing the chanter for an hour & could not join in because bagpipes are stuck in the key of B Flat, it is the dampener on any musical conversation.

I am glad he is doing well, it is good to see someone so young, driven by an ambition to join the Scot's Guards as a piper. All the best Andy.. The photo's should reflect your most recent one year old haircut though ! Here is his " Piping " Resume...

"Andrew Hayward is a wedding bagpiper for hire and a bagpipe tutor in Dunedin, New Zealand. He has been playing the Scottish Highland bagpipe for twelve years and is currently the Honorary Bagpiper for the Clan MacLean Association of New Zealand, Inc.

Andrew started learning the highland bagpipe when he was eight years old. His first tutor was Pipe Major Wilbur Brown of the Warkworth Wellsford Pipe Band, who in a short while and with strict discipline had Andrew playing regularly with the band at annual festivals and in parades in the Rodney and Auckland districts.Andrew is in his third year of study for a Bachelor of Music from the University of Otago. When he graduates, Andrew plans to further his study of music and bagpiping at the Royal Conservertoire of Scotland in Glasgow

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