Friday, May 18, 2012


Donna Summer is no more.. Sad to see her passing... Her influence along with Georgio Moroder ( Who sounds like he should be a German Pornographer ) cannot be ignored. I first heard " I feel love " on my way to a dreary, trudging day job at a local warehouse, it was an electric shock to the brain...on a weary Monday morning it was the sound of the future.

At the time I was too wrapped up in inter band politics & the idea that guitar bands were the future. For a long time I thought that guitars & drums were the way to go. I was disarmed of this view when at a gig in a VERY dodgy Dewsbury night club I listened to this track back to back with Ian Dury's " Wake up & make love to me ". You would not think that they could share the same air space, but the DJ was correct in his thinking ,that a tender ballad could be followed by the " aftermath " of those thoughts.

I did not always like her songs after that initial track but the other standout for me was " State of Independence " a song that has some resonance. ' I feel love " will remain her legacy .. A bloody good one ..

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