Sunday, April 01, 2012


A pleasant warm week in which, I redecorated my Mothers kitchen for her on Tuesday, then there was the arrival of some new pieces of musical equipment. The first is an item I will need a little more than I anticipated, now that I have begun rehearsals for the one off Sharp Practice gig later this year. A brand spanking new microphone & stand. The other, something I am getting to grips with as I learn all about  " Reason " which is a new piece of music software, an Alessis Q49 Midi controller keyboard.

The new software is really full of potential but as with everything to do with computers, it has taken a little while to dig in to it. As I do peel back a layer another one reveals itself, I suspect this is going to be bigger than Texas but it is already producing some interesting musical results. It has been a while since I faffed around with MIDI though I have retained a good deal of what I learnt way back when. Add this to my somewhat older ( " ancient - get in to the twenty first century " - Josef ) software and it provides a great deal of control over every aspect of my studio sound.

Shure SM58

Alessis Q49

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