Friday, March 09, 2012


Home from an excellent weekend away, it was good to catch up with Josef & of course work with Sharp Practice. So far we have 8 songs re - learnt & I have to say thank goodness we recorded the bulk of our original matireal, otherwise we would still be humming the intro to " Manic " ! It was fantastic to return to those days in the past through the shared medium of music. I just found myself looking around the room at happy smiling faces as we played. The rehearsal was followed by a great meal from Mrs Miff & much wine interspersed with anecdotes followed by laughter.

The " Beard " festival was ... well ... interesting but the gig in the evening by Louis Barrabus & the Bedlam  Six was outstanding, so much so that I bought their CD. Really good time music. It was a shame that the weather prevented a really good attendance but Josef did his DJ set with aplomb & I found myself sitting with a pint in hand inwardly laughing at the dedication of men who had grown outrageous beards to then parade them in front of strangers purely for the acknowledgement, while feeling perverse at arriving clean shaven.
Weather North Bay

" Sun " Lounge at the Spa

DJ Josef & his decks

Louis Barabbus & the Bedlam Six

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