Friday, September 23, 2011


An old friend called unexpectedly on my doorstep today. I have not seen Brian since we left school & went our separate ways in the world. It seems that a chance meeting with my mother had revealed to him my whereabouts & there he was on the doorstep!
It was amazing to see him, soon armed with coffee we settled down for a long catch up.
After he had left it struck me that here was another old friend who had changed his name over the years, he is no longer called Brian & like my other friend AJ has a new alias.

No disrespect to my old friends but they will always be who they were when I met them. Does changing your name change your personality? They seem to be the same so I have to assume that it does not, unless they have a dark secret buried under the floorboards!
It was good to see my old friend; we grew up on the same estate, went to the same primary school, the same Grammar school & lost touch when we set off on our respective journeys in to the wide world. Brian has not moved more than 5 miles away from his home, I have travelled a little further. Yet within 5 minutes of sitting down we were catching up ion the fate of all our old classmates.
So I now have an evening out booked along with another connection back to my roots here.

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

You know what they say David - if you can't beat them, join them - so you need a new moniker. Why not choose from one of these three:-
a) Stud
b) Apollo
c) Sir Douglas Sidebottom