Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Soon it will be the August Bank Holiday, how time has flown since my arrival back on these shores, summer will soon be over ( to be honest I am still waiting for it to begin) it could be worse though I could be in Auckland right now where they have just had their first fall of snow in over 35 years.

Next weekend I am away on another writing session with John who has been mailing me idea's every other day, plenty of material there for us to work on. With judicious planning it should be another productive day & boozy night ! September will then step on to the stage bringing with it the tantalising prospect of the first Sharp Practice rehearsal as we begin the slow process of organising ourselves for our reunion gig. Current thought is that we should hold this next year as it will have been 15 years since we last played. My feeling is that I will need that long to prepare !!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Is yours the ONLY band called Sharp Practice? Doing a little Google research I seem to have come across two other bands with that name - one of them calls itself Sharp Practise with an "s" which is of course a mistake as that's a verb. Your spelling is right.

David said...

Given the population of the Earth I am suprised you could only find two more, of course our spelling is correct, I went to grammar school I did !! :-)