Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two moments in time... I took delivery of my copy of Bill Nelson's live recording at Metropolis studio's today..pre ordered of course, but a word of warning if you are a casual listener to Bill's work it is not for you.
It is totally for the BIGGEST FAN ! Wannabees need not apply.It is a moment in time as Bill runs through his years with Be Bop Deluxe to the present.
The playing that captured me the most was his solo performance of 4 pieces before the set started...added by ITV as a supplement to the main event. In my opinion this was Bill playing in his enviroment.

The second was the the news that I will be in my own space at the weekend ! Finally a place to dream & compose. Also a place for Speck to hide ! The weekend is going to be busy with trips planned everywhere..

Listening to:

Bill Nelson & The Gentleman Rocketeers live at The Metropolis.

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