Thursday, May 05, 2011


On Sunday I am going to make a special pilgrimage back to Harthill, a place I have tried to capture so many times musically, yet each time I feel I have fallen short of the mark. Apart from recording some “ Ambient “ noise I will jot down some notes as well, hopefully to guide me when I try to capture why this abandoned house that hardly exists anymore means so much to me.

It is not a building that has been there all my life, my parents house has figured more in my collective memory than this place, It has no romantic significance other than it was a location I spent all my summer holidays playing as a child with my cousins & brother. An Idyll I guess, a place where adults had no sway or rules. Bullies could not find you as they were too lazy to walk the hills & time spent there always seemed to be golden.

I am expecting to find nothing of the house but peraphs a trace of a place I once was happy..

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Hoping you rediscover the hill where your heart dwells in those far off and never-ending summer blown days when life was fresh and wonder-some.