Sunday, April 17, 2011


I have tried to stay away from this issue on my blog, but I feel it is better to let it be out there than hide it inside. My baby girl was admitted to Starship hospital last week after harming herself & been at risk.
It is not an easy road to go down as a parent who is 11,600 miles away from the source of the drama. I spend everyday riddled with guilt.
The voice inside my head asks " Why did you make such a fundamental mistake ? What were you thinking leaving her so far way ? You are a useless absent parent."
It hurts; It has hurt so much, knowing I can do nothing for her. It is the tyranny of distance
I consulted with her Mum & we decided that to give both of them some respite, Speck needs to be here with me in Yorkshire. Although it is a sad reason for travelling, I am sure that the change of environment will help her; If not, then the earnest honesty of Yorkshire folk will wake her up a little.

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