Friday, August 20, 2010


Somethings I have to do when I land in Yorkshire....

I have to visit my hometown for family reasons,as well as to visit old landmarks.

Eat a Pork pie ! Yes a " Proper" one, Kiwis just don't have the skills, soft pie crust on a Pork pie is plain wrong.

Spend time in a pub, there is no pub culture in New Zealand.

Visit Scarborough, ostensibly to visit friends but really to eat fresh Fish n Chips & take home a crab or two for dinner.

More to follow...

Listening to:
Biffy Clyro
Jeff Beck
Seth Lakeman
Arcade Fire
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

David "Pub culture" in England is getting squeezed. I think you will be surprised at the number that have closed in recent years. Corporate monopolies seem to be taking over. It's so sad but luckily many great pubs do still survive so you and Bossy will be able to enjoy a few sessions. Hic!