Monday, July 12, 2010


I am about to embark on the task sorting my possession's in to two piles. The first pile will not make it out of new Zealand but will be traded or donated depending on demand.The second will be packed & shipped back to Yorkshire with me.

So.... Some guitars but not all, No computers will be travelling, some prized books, my music collection & various DVD's will along with my photographs etc.

Thinking about my task has made me realise just how ambivalent I feel about my things, you would imagine I would want to keep everything, but as the time approaches I just see it as "stuff";
"Stuff" that can be replaced.

Listening to :

Mystery Jets
Biffy Clyro
Marissa Nadler

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Don't worry -we still have plenty of "stuff" in Yorkshire so having ditched your NZ "stuff" it will be easy to pick up replacement "stuff" in Yorkshire.