Saturday, May 15, 2010

Culture 002

Semaphore signals, Charles Shaar Murray
J.B. Priestley, dinner parties,
Wreckless Eric and takeaway curries,
Guy Fawkes night revolutionaries.
Martian postcards from Craig Raine,
Caberet Voltaire and Nick Kent,
Icy walks down country lanes,
Footprints left in wet cement.
Be Bop Deluxe, pints of Tetley's
Flamborough head and the Norfolk Broads
swimming pools by David Hockney,
Tizer; Vimto; The Green Cross code.
Henry Moore, North Marine Drive,
Doctor Martins Air wear soles,
Liquorice all sorts and cats eyes,
Open grate fires burning coal.
Alan Bennett, Bleep & Booster,
Fish and chips Beano and Dandy,
Roy of the rovers, Elizabeth Taylor,
Thunderbirds & Zebedee,
Benjamin Britten on prom nights,
Iain Banks's Wasp Factory,
Bretton Hall; Blackpool lights,
Kirkby Lonsdale, Ian Dury


Daphne said...

Aaah great! I'm really pleased by the conjunction of Kirkby Lonsdale (a place whose name, and whose river, I've always loved) and Ian Dury (who was great!)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

An interesting collision of northern English things though you have missed out golden Yorkshire puddings!