Monday, December 14, 2009


Way back in the cold grey lands of yore ( Morley Grammar School to be exact ) we sat down for the usual tedious music lesson, which at this time consisted of copying note values in to our manuscript books, what joy !
Our master at that time was peraphs a year away from retirement, from his demeanour you guessed that he really felt the world was going to hell in a hand cart. Imagine then our genuine surprise when he instructed us to put away our books & pin back our lug'oles for a treat.

The record player was procured & as the needle hit the vinyl we waited, appreciating the warm ambient crackle in anticipation for the first few notes. For me it was an epiphany. as the opening bars of Mozarts " Eine Kleine Nachtmusic " filled my head with wonder.

Since that day I have loved Mozart, or Mozza as I like to call him. I never tire of listening to the genius at anytime. It amazes me that such a hard & tragic life could produce such beauty, with his ever present sense of humour bubbling under the surface to tease & surprise you. Ultimately his obstinacy & play fullness would be his down fall, but while he lived he produced work that will still be relevant in another few hundred years time.

Favourite pieces by him are too numerous to list, but when I hear "Nachtmusic"I am transported back to that grey class room & the wonder I discovered there.

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