Monday, December 07, 2009

2009 Part one

Did I take a wrong turning this year & end up in stupid town?
Seems to me that I did, this year will be best remembered by the vacuousness of its deeds.
Lets take for example some of the main idiots who took the stage, ready to pass our X factor test.

First up there was NZ Prime Minister John Key, if his appearance on Letterman was not enough to convince you of his wonderful talent for looking a fool, then his prevarication over attendance at the Copenhagen summit would have been enough. On day one he was saying it was nothing more than a "Photo opportunity" by day 23 he was booking a flight, so as not to look out of step with his richer more powerful counterparts. Well played John.

Next up a dance troupe of eleven! Yes that's right eleven! Step forward the New Zealand cricket team; they alone are the masters at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. After winning the first test against Pakistan they managed in the second to capitulate for the grand total of 99 runs all out!
They must be so proud. However they did provide endless hours of entertainment by in advertently forcing the commentators to make the game sound exciting even though it was not.

Then came the ever-wonderful Brian Tamaki, I cannot state enough about how dubious & ridiculous this gift from God is. He looks more & more like a mafia don everyday. I would love to see how much he spends on clothes, probably more than I or his congregation earn in a year. Problem is Brian; it looks like you, tacky & limited by your lack of imagination. With innate skill you managed to look like the drunk who gets up to sing "my way " in some sleazy kareoke bar late at night.

At this point I would like to take a nod to our multi cultural status by asking Hone Harawira to step up to the plate, after telling his team he was "sick " he took his wife away from the boring meeting in London to visit Paris.Apart from the fact he was in London working, the Parisian jaunt was paid for by the taxpayers. When questioned on it he sent an e-mail to one poor soul calling New Zealanders white motherfuckers, as only 16 per cent of the population are Maori, that meant that an awful lot of motherfuckers paid for his trip. Did he apologise? Hell no, after a lot of pies & talk, the Maori party capitulated, he did not even apologise for his racist comments, claiming that racism can only be perpetrated by the majority over the minority. I always thought it was about the colour of your skin, not the size of your population, you racist piece of shit.

Sorry about that but I cannot tolerate racism or elitism or any schism come to that.

More to follow after I have listened to:

Talking Heads
The Moths
Weather Report
John Foxx
Cabaret Voltaire

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