Sunday, July 26, 2009


I took my children to the Doujin 2009 Anime/Manga convention at the Hyatt Hotel in Auckland on Saturday. What a strange subculture I discovered there ! Wonderful pieces of artwork, jostled with people dressed as their favourite heroes & characters. The time spent on some of the costumes must have run in to hours if not days.
My children felt completely at home as they wandered through this bizarre universe, collecting all the free paraphernalia & wondering at the displays.

It was interesting watching the different strategies employed by Caits & Josh, as they roamed through the stands with money burning a bright hole in their pockets. Joshua had within thirty minutes made his choices & spent all his money. He then true to form began a campaign to leave, so that he could return home to savour his purchases. Caits on the other hand, spent a good 3 hours there before carefully spending her money to obtain maximum value.
This behaviour captures their personalities perfectly, My son entranced by the shiny objects, makes up his mind then swoops, my daughter much more considered.

The day was good fun, even the Auckland weather came to the party delivering a warm sunny day in the middle of winter. It was good to be out on a day like this.

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Josh has got your cheeky Leodensian face but with regard to the Anime/Magna event - I have no frigging idea what it was all about!