Friday, June 19, 2009


Two days to go to the winter solstice & then we can look forward to every day becoming longer than the one before. These days are filled with exciting plans & the promise of a bright warm future ahead.
I took some time out this week to actually watch television programmes that normally have me reaching for a book & the off button. The reason for this was to see if I was actually missing something, so here in no particular order are my notes.

First up was " Lost ", when this first went to air I did review it here at the Enigma with the comment that I felt it would develop in to an X files clone & that I wished they had lost the tapes after episode 1. I see nothing here to suggest anything other than I was correct on both counts first time around. Glad to say I have now only seen two episodes which is too many.

I then turned my attention to " Medium " which lives up to its name. Acting; medium, Scripts; Medium.

Another show I cringed through was "Ghost Whisperer ", do people actually watch this stuff ?? It is badly written & the actors should be inspected for dry rot to borrow a critique, they are so wooden.

I see nothing in these programmes that engages the viewer or challenges the status quo, it is the usual story of producers going for the tried safe formula, reducing everything they touch to a dull shade of beige. Sometimes I long for informative, educational television but in New Zealand there is no such thing. Therefore my viewing is reduced to programmes on cookery, the odd drama & anything that smells even slightly of a documentary. I even tried Sky for a while but gave up as the schedule repeats itself every day, over & over again......

Good thing I have a large pile of books to wade through, current volumes include: a Peter Sellers bio, A history of the Bauhaus, A Mies Van Der Rohe bio & A brief History of tomorrow.

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