Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thats my daughter

My daughter now lives with me full time & given past mentions of her anxiety issues on these pages, I thought an update might be in order. She has left the prestigious halls of Kristen School & now attends a local comprehensive full time. I have been impressed so far with her ability to be up & ready to go before I even enter her room to check she is awake. A far cry from the nervous, anxious child who would not even feel motivated to get out of bed and face the day.
Having her live with me full time is fun & although we have some issues to deal with, thankfully they are of the normal teenage kind instead of the dark bad things we have had to confront.
Her interest in all things Japanese is growing, aside from all the Manga & Anime I have to sit through or read, her enthusiasm for the language increases everyday. She makes me laugh, has rediscovered her sense of humour & above all seems to be more at ease with herself than in past months.
I think we have turned a corner, well not even a corner, I think we have driven up the slip road & got back on the motorway of life. I am so pleased for her & so very proud.

That's my daughter

Everything she sees
she says she wants.
Everything she wants
I see she gets.

That's my daughter in the water
everything she owns I bought her
Everything she owns.
That's my daughter in the water,
everything she knows I taught her.
Everything she knows.

Everything I say
she takes to heart.
Everything she takes
she takes apart.

That's my daughter in the water
every time she fell I caught her.
Every time she fell.
That's my daughter in the water,
I lost every time I fought her.
I lost every time.

Every time she blinks
she strikes somebody blind.
Everything she thinks
blows her tiny mind.
That's my daughter in the water,
who'd have ever thought her?
Who'd have ever thought?
That's my daughter in the water,
I lost everytime I fought her
Yea, I lost every time.

Louden Wainright III

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Katherine said...

I've been away from your blog - just catching up. So pleased to begin with this one. GREAT NEWS!