Sunday, April 12, 2009


Remember the mechanical sounds of your parents house ?

Radio chattering in the background & most telling of all, the ticking of clocks. Right at the very centre of every home, usually located on the mantle, its heart beat....ticking away, constant, dependable. Replaced today by quiet clinical electricity & in many cases the ubiqutous LED display, that seems to be attached as a kind of free gift with every appliance we buy..

" what more can we add to this new electric iron ? I know ! A clock"

so you can watch your time evaporate as you carry out the household chores.

I loved the fact they where mechanical, you had to wind them up ! A nightly routine before bedtime. In my room I had a travel clock purchased for me as a twenty first birthday present by a favourite aunt. It was used as my alarm clock & was only replaced when I began living with a girl who brought with her an electric clock radio.

I cannot fully describe for you the misery & horror caused to my senses on been awoken by a perky, witless radio DJ first thing in the morning. Worse still, been awoken to the sound of that song you hated & which wormed its way in to your subconscious for the rest of the day.

I still have that alarm clock today, it still works, it keeps good time, an essential life saver during power cuts, battery failure & breakages.

Listening to:

British Sea Power
The Charlatans
The D4
The Delays

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