Sunday, January 11, 2009


One of the highlights of my childhood were my family's annual August holiday.
A time when my parents, who had been saving all year, would whisk the family away from our Gildersome home & head for the seaside.

My most memorable vacations were spent in the North Yorkshire town of Scarborough, as a child I fell in love with it, as an adult I moved there.
There are many ( for me ) iconic buildings & places all over the town with their story to tell, one of my favourites is the old ODEON cinema, now The Steven Joseph Theatre.

The ODEON stands opposite the railway station in the centre of town,it is the first thing you see after arriving by train.Designed by Cecil Clavering,it opened for business in 1936 & is a wonderful example of the Art Deco style of architecture.
As a child it was a magical place to spend a wet afternoon, absorbing the latest Disney feature while chewing away at a packet of Rowntree's fruit gums.

The ODEON network was set up in 1928 by Oscar Deutsch, the name it is claimed was derived from the motto " Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation " for me they evoke memories of a time when movies entertained & dialogue was more important than action. So far removed from the multiplex experience of today.

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Katherine said...

An interesting post, David. Thanks. I didn't know the origin of ODEON (We had one in Hastings where I grew up), and you are right, that's a great eg of art deco.