Friday, December 26, 2008


This is my eleventh year in New Zealand, which makes me think about my first Christmas in the sunshine. On Christmas eve 1997 my ex partner,ably assisted by myself & 2 or possibly 3 bottles of wine decided after putting our daughter to bed to assemble her Christmas present.

We had bought a swing & slide combination that was to be erected in the garden, ready for her the next morning. As the sun went down, we toiled following the incredibly banal instructions, while doing our best to empty the supplies of wine we had with us.

It got dark, so I had to bring an outside spot light on to the lawn to aid us in the effort to build this troublesome structure. Of course been "fresh off the boat" we did not trouble our wine soaked brains with the idea that we may get eaten alive by mosquito's, anyway by this time we were anaesthetised by the wine.

When the task was completed we staggered in to the house & fell in to bed to snore away the night.

The next morning I counted over 40 bites along my feet, ankles, legs...the itching was horrendous, obviously my tender Northern hemisphere skin was an early Christmas feast to the little buggers. My daughter loved her present & I never went outside in the evening without Aero guard ever again.

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Daphne said...

And a very happy Boxing Day to you! If I tell you it's a cool grey morning here in Leeds it might help you to forget about any negative sides to NZ, such as mosquitoes.