Thursday, December 18, 2008


How can you call that stuff music ?? why play it so loud ?? Why do you feel the need to make the entire neighbourhood suffer your poor choices in music ??? It is a drum beat, that beats incessantly.

I run a studio from my home & you would never know it was there. Maybe I should turn my drum machine up to 130 beats per minute at 96 decibels & allow it to run at that volume ...while I go away for a weekend with the one I love & leave you to it.Chances are I would return to find my yard full of people dancing ...not a tune mind you, just Duff; Duff; Duff...

While on the subject, WHAT makes you think that I want to listen to this drivel ??? I already have to suffer the Americanisation of my culture through stupid, banal, badly acted television programmes, now I have to endure your mindless " Gangsta " ( Not even a real word ) rap ?

The prize for the MOST rampant consumerism goes to America. Lets not forget the most usless food groups, along with the most pointless soft drinks. When I was young the USA was the the place to build your dreams. It was at the cutting edge of the space race,the cars alone where worth the price of admission. Everything was as modern as modern could be. Now along with those formulaic sit coms & soft porn music video's, you seem to have lost your way.Apart from filling my ear drums with crap rap.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I remain an Americophile and look forward to visiting the States again at Easter 2010 when our daughter Frances is at university there in Birmingham, Alabama... but I hear what you are saying -the American dream appears to be losing its gloss.

Daphne said...

I went to America for the first time recently (yes, I may have mentioned it on my blog, just in passing, a couple of million times) and there were many things I loved - - but cRap is not one of them. You could go away for the weekend leaving your burglar alarm going - - same effect - -