Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I recently bought a retrospective album by a musical hero ;
(now this is going to ramble be prepared).
I realise that after listening to it everything I have recorded is, to quote Joe Strummer
"Yesterdays papers ".
The album is a collection by John Foxx; it is a treasure trove of how to make good electronic music that still has an organic feel to it.
I can remember " when I were but a lad ", (taking note here Mr Pudding?) Synthesisers where the curse of the working musician. Yet, when I went to a concert by Ultravox at Unity Hall in Wakefield (Back in the days when they were good & John Foxx was the front man) it was the best thing ever. Synthesisers were going to take over the world, (well not quite).For musicians they were the equivalent of "Spinning Jenny's " destined to put hard working folk out of work. Luddites and all.

Yet despite all of my love for electronic music & it's processes, some of which are now common place. I like nothing better than to go to an auditorium to listen to a full symphony orchestra do it's stuff. No matter what you create within the dark confines of your studio it is NOTHING compared to the full might of an orchestra, an aural pleasure, yes that's right an AURAL pleasure.

Talking of things new, I have spent endless hours listening & watching Kate Rusby's DVD "Live in Leeds " not only because it is brilliant, but also it all happens on a stage I have personally auditioned on & failed. The gorgeous City Varieties in Leeds, a stage so old it actually slopes from front to back to give you a view of the cast as well as the principle performers.

However the main performer is captivating, her voice & arrangements are all excellent, so there you go, Electronic music, Orchestra's & Folk music in one whole mouthful. I challenge you all to stop putting it off & go watch ANY kind of live music when you get the chance; it is good for the soul.

Listening to :

John Foxx
Kate Rusby
The Stills
Early Arc Rouge tapes ( Yes they are crap, Not even Space Boss can save them)

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

It may be good for the soul but perhaps not so good for the eardrums or the wallet!