Friday, October 31, 2008


Not written an entry for a while my friends, but lets put that straight with this ramble through NZ's election process. Completely dwarfed by what is going on across the Pacific in the USA, New Zealand goes to the polls shortly. As I spent a lot of my youth working for the Labour party in the UK I have no desire to get in to politics on this blog, but I cannot resist the opportunity to comment on the candidates in this current political fight.
There is the incumbent Prime Minister Helen Clarke, who I would back in a one to one fight with Baroness Thatcher in her prime, I am sure Helen would be able to slug it out with the witch given a chance, she is tough & capable. She is also completely obsessed with telling us how to live our lives like a kind of intolerant nanny. Then there is John Key, who looks to me like he would sell you, your wife & your children in to slavery if he thought it would be good for the nation. Which is pretty much what he is espousing, I do not trust him at all. Next up are the Greens, who would like to see the country return to the dark ages in order to save the environment. To them, putting people out of work is an important priority as long as it saves some trees. They really think that the tiny pin prick of NZ's environmental waste actually amounts to something, when all I can see is that if ONE of China's major cities closed down it would more than make up for any abuse of the environment currently happening here. Next up the Maori party, who want a united New Zealand as long as they get to the head of the queue. I cannot for the life in me believe I live in a country with an operating democracy, where 16% of the population get to vote twice & hold the balance of power. The rest are a bunch or useless extreme no hopers, top of that list though, is Winston Peters of New Zealand first. A man so low he could walk under a snake. He is a cheating, dishonest, corrupt, power hungry sneak. Yet after the last election he negotiated himself the job of Foreign secretary, after promising Labour his vote. I would not trust him to tell me if it was raining outside. Yet there lies the problem, in NZ we have proportional representation as opposed the First past the post system, which means that all the power hungry, self serving barrow boys can get themselves a slice of the pie in exchange for their cooperation. So as a nation we end up with the equivalent of bland, we get no where, nobody does anything constructive. In the UK a nation of millions they have less MP's per capita than we do, 120 Mp's to govern a Nation of 4 million, talk about a gravy train, the council in my home town of Leeds probably has a bigger budget, yet we need all these people to make a decision for us. What a complete waste of resources, maybe the Greens could take that up as a challenge.

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Katherine said...

So, You won't be voting then, David? :-)

Katherine said...

There's a challenge for you David over at my place. You're 'it'. I've just tagged you.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Why beat about the bush - say what you mean about Winston Peters!