Tuesday, October 07, 2008

5 things meme

A while back on Yorkshire Pudding's blog he listed 5 things he could see from his desk. Memes are meant to be spread so here is a view of 5 things I can see from my studio desk.

A small Jade Buddha

This Buddha has been in my studio since it came back with me from Thailand. I also purchased a book of Buddha's teachings at the same time. That sits by my bedside, I love to dip in to it for contemplative thought.

Notice board

Above my mixing desk is an old cork notice board that currently is the home to photographs of Yorkshire & cards I have received. It cheers me up when moments of doubt creep in to the room.

Plectrum tin

I have an old tin box purchased for me from a store in Leeds,by my girl at the time that I use to house plectrums. It is worn but still has the Initial D on the lid. I guess now it must be around 30 years old. But there it sits on my desk & yes it has plectrums in it.


On my left hand side sit the things I cannot go without, My note books & current journal for idea's & snatches of lyric, song titles etc. Along with a dictionary, thesaurus & book of quotations. You never know when you might need these.


On the wall next to the notice board are photographs Lunchbox & Speck, as if I needed reminding about what is important in my life.

Extra item...
Micro casette

This along with a note book goes every where with me, you never know when you are going to record a snatch of sound that can be used later.

A quick tour of items, as mundane as anyone's, but unique to me.

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

I found that interesting David. It's funny how we gather things around us - not fully realising that they may say so much about who and what we are.