Thursday, September 11, 2008

What its Like

Well, it's kind of like
Your hanging over a
steep drop, fingers
cracking on some old
root or other and below
there's sand or river,
boulders worn to solid
spheres, and you say to
yourself, " Now I could
let go " and what do
you know ?

You do

And then, it's kind of like
singing with your feet off
the pedals, bush lining a
damp black road downhill
to the corner and a creek
like a crowd hanging about
in dappled shade for you
to whistle by.

And then, it's kind of like
lying on a hillside sun
full on and a gum tree
rattling away like streamers,
and there's a whole kind of
shiny party going on
and you are at it.

Glenda Fawkes

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