Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Today I inadvertently deleted all my instrumental work from the last 5 months. Gone... Lost... consigned to that filing cabinet in your memory alongside; " The one that got away " with " You should have been there ". 10 pieces of work, some complete others in progress all of them precious, never to be replaced.

I can revive the music as I keep samples & production notes in separate files, but experience has taught me that although the melodies will be there, the atmosphere & " feel " of the tracks will not. I am devastated, it is like losing the contents of your family photo albums in a natural disaster. Bugger !

I think it is an omen..... Obviously Karma feels that these pieces should never have been heard or completed. So I am scrapping the whole project, 5 completed mixes can be stored away on CD for evenings when the wind is cold & wolves are scratching at the door. I will tell tales around the fire about the fabulous "lost" album.
It will grow with each telling, as I embellish it to the point where even the tabloids have to pinch themselves as they write up the copy. In the meantime I am going to have a bottle of red wine & dream about what might have been.

Many thanks for the offers of massage by the way, both private & public. My thighs have got used to the idea that they will be trekking across the Auckland Isthmus in two weeks time & probably a lot faster than most people can drive it.

Listening to :

The wailing of the women & the howling of the wolves, no really, just the sound of an empty hard drive.

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Katherine said...

Ohhh! what a tragedy! A huge loss. Can you create a piece to reflect the loss? Or would it be too depressing!?