Saturday, August 16, 2008


It was a very welcome break having Speck & lunch box over for the weekend together. I begin to see in them so many different things. The most prominent is how much they have grown, how they rely on each other for support, they are very much a singular entity as opposed to brother & older sister.
They share so much, even on the simple level of enjoying a game together.

One thing that does strike me, is how they enjoy moments I take for granted such as a hug.Tactile gestures like this are one of the fundamental structures of humanity. Warmth, love , contact & a kind word go a long way to shaping them as people.

I would like to think that my children will grow up as balanced human beings with all the basic principles I believe in, I read a proverb years ago, from China that said ;(this is sketchy) " There will always be belief in the future of mankind if one person leapt forward to save a child from falling in a well " I like to think so.

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Interminable playbacks of my latest collection, making decisions about sounds & their place in the mix, are you bored yet or do you want some more ? In fact would you like to take my place & mix this stuff for me ? In fact if you feel you could do this leave me a comment & I will send you the stuff via e-mail, If you have the ability to manipulate .wav files & a decent sound editor the job is yours.

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