Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So far it has been an interesting week here in New Zealand in spite of all the tragedy overseas. There is something warm & comforting about our own national news when compared in scale to recent disasters. It is like reading the local village news after spending time with a quality broadsheet.

First up the head of our immigration department Mary-Anne Thompson has had to resign after it was discovered that she " Fast tracked " relatives through their residency applications after the quota's for their region had been filled. Now what is wrong with a little nepotism ? If your Auntie can't get you in who can ?? The region they came from ?? Well it was Kiribati.A tiny island in the central Pacific.
Then to embarrass the government further it has now been revealed that Aunties Doctorate from the LSE is under investigation because it may be fraudulent. Doesn't anyone in this country check references & qualifications ???

Next the breakout from Mount Eden prison in a style that reminds me of those old black & white war movies about Colditz. I mean look at it ! A genuine rope made from braided blankets ! The prisoner Aaron Stephen Forden is still at large possibly due to the fact that this picture was shown on National television the day he escaped..

When really the picture they should have been showing was this one which I am sure you will agree makes quite a significant difference.

However, the bad news for crims in NZ is that in a nation of 4 million you will not be at large for long. If only we could get ourselves a story about a speeding 13 year old hacked off with not recieving his pocket money.

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Hey dude! It's all happening in NZ!
"This is the NZ News at Ten with Bruce Cameron... In Wellington today senior citizen Edith Wrinkledface was fined six dollars at the public library for keeping three books out three days after the due date...In Queenstown it is reported that several empty wheelie bins were blown over by a gust of wind while just outside Christchurch a sheep's belly was sliced by an over enthusiastic shearer called Edmund. Meanwhile in international news...."