Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We have had torrential rain for the last few days which I guess signals the end of summer & a move in to Autumn.
With the extreme weather came tragedy with the loss of 6 young students & their teacher as the Mangatepopo Gorge where they were kayaking flooded with a sudden torrent of rainwater.
It is shocking to see the pictures of these bright young people who are now forever lost. As a parent my heart goes out to the families in their darkest hours.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

May they rest in perfect peace and may the memory of their bright young lives shine in the sleepless dark hours of those who knew and loved them. We are so small beneath the stars.

Redhead said...

Just dropped by after your kind remarks on my blog. Your blog is quite eclectic and interesting, I'm going to try to expand my "topics" to keep the few who read it from dying of boredom. It was sad to read about the young kayakers, the loss of bright young people is especially hard to reconcile.

Thanks for your comment.