Saturday, February 02, 2008


Ah the joys of mid summer in Godzone, beer, pizza & the rugby sevens. Around now readers from the USA might want to do something else but if you do stick around well, rugby is like grid iron without the sissy armour. Sevens however which is played with half a team, is about speed & agility. As I write I am awaiting the start of the final between the Half blacks ( NZ ) & Samoa. England have just taken the field to take on Argentina in the also rans final ( the Bowl).
The sevens contest is a good marker in NZ, it heralds the arrival of the start of the Super 14; Rugby heaven. A new season, maybe a chance for the Blues to realise all that back line potential, also a new international season & a chance for us to put behind us the debacle of the World Cup.
Also at this time of year arrives a national holiday known as Waitangi Day.
This is a chance for Kiwis from all races, creeds & beliefs to come together. Then to celebrate our differences by insulting each other, bitching about who was here first & who owns what. Pass me another slice of Pizza, crack open another Steinlager, lounge in the heat,watch NZ & shout loudly " GO YOU GOOD THINGS !!"

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Kate Rusby
Joe Zawinul
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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Ehm... England were trying to play Wales in The Six Nations on the same day so how come seven of our lads were truanting in NZ in order to play Sevens which by the way, as a schoolboy rugby player, I found so amazingly tiring compared with the fifteen a side game... Kate Rusby lives a few miles up the road from here. The radio keeps playing "We are The Village Green Preservation Society".

David said...

Aaaah Mr Pudding, I love the way you say England TRIED to play Wales, May I say they also TRIED to play sevens.
Say Hi to Kate when you see her.