Monday, November 26, 2007


So, no blog entry for a while, sorry guys, but things have been busy as I get the new job under my belt.
Can’t say that it was all that I was led to believe at the interview but then again; what is ?
I do feel like the guy who bought a package holiday to a resort only to find on arrival that it was everything they said with one exception; no hotel.
It will be a great company to work for when it’s built, but as long as they have some of the people there building it, then sadly it will be years before any one can move in. The resort is nice though.

Speck & Lunchbox have been to visit me the last couple of weekends which has been great fun, this year they will be staying for Xmas & I can’t wait. However there is something perverse about living in a country where you wear shorts on December 25th & as the sun shines watch people put fake snow on their windows ! There is also a real pleasure in having a holiday breakfast of Croissant stuffed with cream cheese & smoked salmon washed down with champagne before getting on with the real business end of the day which is usually a combination of a ham & large BBQ out on the deck.

For those with an excess of Xmas spirit in their systems from the night before, I recommend a trip to Bethells beach on boxing day for some body surfing, this refreshes you enough to continue indulging without any guilt at all.

This is a far cry from the Xmas of my past, which would be spent in the pub with Dad consuming rounds of beer while poor old Mum toiled at the coalface producing a Turkey with all the trimmings including her famous “never to rise “ Yorkshire puddings. The afternoons would be spent in a woozy half slumber waiting for the Queens speech & the latest free to air James Bond movie or the inevitable re run of the “Great Escape”.

Listening to:

Babyshambles “Shotters Nation “
Jeff Beck “Jeff”
Kate Rusby
Bill Nelson “ Getting the Holy Ghost across”
Bruce Springsteen “Magic”
The Only Ones “Best Of”
Heat Distance ( projected album project final tracks ) In honour of my depression issues it will be called “ Chemical imbalance”

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