Thursday, October 04, 2007


The clocks all went forward last weekend to begin the new improved extended Kiwi summertime. This means we get an extra 3 weeks of daylight for our most beloved of all seasons.

I see our neighbours in Oz have started their summer in the usual way by watching everything around them burn to the ground. Every year they lose lives, homes & hectares of land to bush fires. Don't know why they call it the lucky country. If the Jelly fish, Sharks, Crocs, Spiders & Snakes don't get you the bush fires will.

The Rugby World Cup has now entered the serious part of the competition with the AB's facing France in Cardiff at 08.00 am Sunday Kiwi time. An entire Nation will be getting up early to watch this. Could go either way as it depends which French team turns up; either Le Bleu or Le Merde.

I have cheered up somewhat from the despair of my last entry, mostly due to the humour & kindness of my good friends everywhere. I have moved on & built the proverbial bridge. Looking forward to an interview this arvo in Ponsonby, yeah, at a Cafe, where else would you go for an interview in that area ?!!
Make mine a long black.

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