Friday, October 19, 2007


Lunchbox & Speck arrive in under an hour to bring anarchy, chaos & really wild things once more in to my world. It seems like weeks since I have had them around.
In the aftermath of this weeks police raids on suspected " Terrorists " the reality of the operation is that they are a bunch of Maori activists who want to close down a part of New Zealand for their own. No bombs, just the occasional rifle & a heap of attitude. It is obvious that NZ will not feel part of the international community unless it has terrorists of its own.

When you live at the end of the world it can be difficult feeling as if you are a part of all the exciting things that happen in the northern hemisphere, such as bombings, hijacks & random acts of senseless violence. So we just invented our own threat & dealt with it. The police action was a little like using a sledge hammer to crack a walnut. The threat as such was silly & the people involved were the usual bunch of arses who feel that returning to the 18th century would be a good thing for all concerned. I mean if you invented the wheel in this day & age they would object to it. They do not represent any cause except self promotion, little closed minds who think they are entitled to an allotment of unconstitutional power because of their birthright. Like I said..Arses.

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