Friday, October 26, 2007


When I first arrived in Auckland it was mandatory to learn 3 words that could get you bye in any conversation with a native.

"Sweet as" sweet as what I have no idea, but is used to positivley support behaviour you approve of, agree with or generally like.

"Awesome" The overuse of this word has reduced even really genuine awesomeness to the mundane.

" Cool" See above as it is no longer cool.

Then I started to work in Auckland & learnt 2 phrases that every Kiwi uses in a business enviroment.

" I call you back/I'll get back to you " Translated this means: you will never hear from me again.

" Thats interesting" I am now bored to death with whatever it was you were talking about in the first place.

" We have always done it this way " Translated : We fear change

Listening to:

Kate Rusby
Ofra Haza
Cabaret Voltaire

Watching: Outrageous Fortune

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