Thursday, September 13, 2007


Over the past few weeks I have been attending interviews for a change of job.
On the whole the standard of question asked has been good but oh dear, some old chestnuts remain from interviewing technique 101.
The reason I know this is because during my career I have conducted hundreds of interviews, so I always cast a critical eye over the person asking the questions. You can instantly spot the ones who are prepared & professional. The others stand out a mile, as they wing their way through interview hell & remember these people are potentially going to be your immediate boss.

There was a lady manager from a recently merged freight company who asked not one relevant or pertinent question throughout a one hour interview. I believe she was using " The Force". I mean come on, I arrive on time, I have read about your company & the way you operate. I know my stuff. Please try to at least show a modicum of respect & ask me a question relevant to the role on offer !

Not forgetting the guy who worked for a large multi national forwarder who spent 45 minutes of a one & a half hour interview talking about himself. Now I may have got this wrong, but I thought the object of our conversation was to establish my suitability as a candidate. I mean I like interviews, when do you ever get time to just sit & talk about your favourite subject; Yourself. Not have to listen to some droning middle management narcissist whine on about HIS achievements.

Then there is Mr Pedantic, prepared, in fact over prepared. I fell asleep during a conversation about the correct way to prepare & use a Carnet (CPD). This is forwarding kindergarten stuff & if this guy feels the need to go in to fine detail over this what is he going to be like to work for ? I do not respond well to micromanagement, I am an adult & like to be given space to get on with it.

Thankfully even if I recieve an offer from this trio I am good enough & confident enough to turn it down on the strength of what I have experienced, I mean, would you want to work for any of these dorks ?

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Kev Brown said...

I have not had a job interview for about 10 years but your account sure does bring back a few memories, it amazes me how some people get to be/get away with, being a manager!