Monday, September 03, 2007

Margarita Freefall

1995 in the Algarve, two couples, hot, dry, thirsty... Margarita time....


My friend Steve said " lets go to Rosa's it's a great night out ".

The first thing we did when we arrived at this Mexican cantina was to down shots of tequila, mostly to put out the fire on our tongues caused by the homemade salsa. I love spicy hot food & soon realised I was in chili heaven.

Of course once you have had the tequila shots & beers it is time to move on to the margarita's. Somehow in between all this we managed to order some food. The food was great & spicy so it called for some more margarita's & beer to quench the heat on my taste buds.Are you beginning to notice a pattern here ?

When the wandering guitar player started to play, Shauna could not resist the urge to join in..we bought more margarita's & beer in celebration.
Soon we were all joining in, it did not matter that not one of us knew the song, nor could we speak a word of Spanish...picture the scene, Mexican restaurant on a quiet Wednesday evening...locals heads down eating food talking quietly...mad English foursome singing loudly & asking for even more margarita's & Beer.
We stumbled home, how the hell we managed to make it back I will never know.In fact even now, I cannot remember any single piece of the journey home. We awoke carefully the next day, none of us could remember eating the food. In fact, the effects of all those margarita's had wiped our memories completely. There was only one thing to do..we went back there that night for more just to make sure it was as good as we thought it was.

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Patti Smith
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