Wednesday, July 18, 2007


After yet another altercation with my bank, I am beginning to wonder what the alternatives could be. The reality is; none at all.
Suppose you want to avoid a bank altogether ?
There is no way any company will pay salaries in cash for one employee out to make a stand,nor will they print a cashiers cheque. Truth is that if you want to be paid in this day & age you need a bank. Quite a set up really, I would be happier keeping all my cash at home & paying extra insurance. At least then, I would be able to see something tangible for my money, as opposed to the ridiculous charges banks seem to come up with in lieu of providing worthwhile & helpful service. I am sick & tired of personal bankers who do not either know my name, nor have any power to make decisions. The reason these people are there can only be to deflect criticism & attention away from the managers. I have had a guts full of waiting in queues both virtual & real listening to adverts about how great the bank is, when all I want is the answer to a question & not to have to pay for the privilege. Still back to the real world where you have to make concessions to these arsewipes.

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