Saturday, April 14, 2007


Quite a while since my last entry, sorry but life has been fraught.
Not interesting enough to blog about but mundane enough to keep me on the go & away from Arcane enigma for a while.

Well my Northern hemisphere friends, the America's Cup is about to begin with the Louis Vuitton challenge commencing on Monday. For those of you with no entry to support you just might want to cheer for Team New Zealand. I am afraid that living in the " City of Sails " has this way of seeping in to your skin & making you love watching large kick ass yachts race against each other.

Everything else here is moving along as we enter autumn & begin to search out our fleeces & long pants as the temperature begins to drop a few degrees. So long summer; you were fun, time to say hello to the rain.

Listening to

Lily Allen
Arctic Monkeys
Early Roxy Music

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