Monday, February 19, 2007


Hot weather, great cricket & a long walk have been the trademarks of this weekend.
On Saturday I slapped on the factor 40 & headed out to the Waitakere ranges to walk the bush track to the Upper Nihotupu Dam. It was a great walk & very enjoyable after a week in the office.
The evening was spent with friends at a BBQ where we attempted to eat the world. Well a good portion of it, always amazed at the size of feeds out here.
The cricket on Sunday was great with The Black Caps wrapping up the one day series against Australia with a match to go, makes a nice change from watching the team get their arses kicked.

I did spend a few brief moments recording music but only as I work my way slowly through my production notes, as each task is crossed off I know the time is getting nearer to begin the process of designing artwork for a cover & come up with a title for the collection.....All though it sounds as if I am complaining I have to say it is very satisfying when a collection gets to this stage of development.

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