Monday, January 15, 2007


Hi All,
Hiatus is now over, will be back at my desk on 21 January & this blog is now officially back on track.

Have a lot to write about but that is for a future post as I ease myself back in to the editors chair. To everyone out there a very belated Happy New Year, hope that this one brings you everything you wanted.

I am currently at H's looking after the children for the week, so I will post a few pictures later to give you an idea of what it is like here in NZ in the summertime. The end of the year here also means the end of the academic year, which means the dreaded school reports..... Pleased to say that Caits report was excellent, I am so proud of her, she was also awarded most improved student as well !
Joshua's was a mixed bag but we still have time to work on him as it is only his second year at primary, no pressure really ! He did receive an award from his martial arts club as most outstanding junior student, not bad for a first year, well done Josh !

OK that's about all for now, further posts coming during the week.

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