Tuesday, October 03, 2006


New Zealand is in the middle of its third series of NZ Idol, I am sorry to lower the tone of this blog but I cannot resist a comment on this debacle of a series.
This is series 3 & so far the two previous winners have sunk without a trace, the hurdle for them has been the inability to capitalize on their early success.

This third series seems to me to be scraping the barrel of contestants as in my opinion none of them are much better than the drunk you see down the local bar singing karaoke. But lets get realistic here, that’s what the contest essentially is, it’s not a test of musical ability or talent, it is a test of how well you can sing someone else’s songs.

I just wish that they would include a songwriting section & be judged on the performance of those songs, it would at least suggest that it was a serious contest. As for the judges, I had difficulty recognising the names of any of them at the start of the franchise & now by series 3 I don’t think any of them have a single clue about what they say, I certainly don’t think that they engage their brains before opening their mouths.

However I will carry on catching up with this programme in between adverts as some times on an evening I need a bloody good laugh.

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