Thursday, October 26, 2006


What a busy week has passed as the team at work drop like flies & we are reduced to a humble few; fighting to keep our freight moving across the world. Things are so tight we are currently working on 30 min lunch breaks to take up the slack.

With our currently increased workload, there is not much time for fun & games. In fact we are in to the time of year where the pressure will slowly build until we hit the week before Xmas, when it will die down. Slow deep breaths & an iron will are required from here on in.

In other news;

NZ Courts see sense & finally jail a woman indefinitely for contempt of court. She refused to give up the whereabouts of her son, who was abducted in a tug of love court battle. The father in a rare decision has interim custody.

We were all shocked by scenes from a home made DVD, depicting around a dozen scumbag teenagers in Melbourne humiliating a teenage girl, by urinating on her & setting fire to her hair. These mongrels were actually selling this DVD in local schools & on the internet. The sight of this act on TV prompted parents to turn their own sons in to the police & ask that they be charged, good on them.

The weather hammered Wellington & the lower North Island at the weekend, causing the airport to close & cancelling ferry sailings across Cook Straight. Apart from one ferry that spent a grueling 11 hrs in 9 metre swells. The ferry ride from hell, what where they thinking?

The Air New Zealand Cup Final took place at the weekend with Waikato beating Wellington to take out the trophy. All eyes are now on the All Blacks as they head to Europe to play 1 test against both England & Wales & 2 tests against the French….Bring it on!!

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