Monday, October 09, 2006


The weekend passes as the temperatures begin to rise, summer is on its way & we are all waiting for the ocean to warm up so we can hit the beach.
Caits was really great to be with, it was fun to stay up with her on Saturday to watch a movie together, Joshua seems to be getting more cheeky & stubborn. He had to be forced in to the shower on Sunday in readiness for the start of the new school term this week. His claim was that he was clean, he didn’t need to wash. His feet alone looked to me as if they were the home to several kinds of undiscovered flora & fauna.You probably need an explanation here, Kiwi kids spend most of their time barefoot, come rain or shine.

I was pointed to This site by Mari’s blog, it has had me laughing all day long especially the New Zealand entries.

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Black eyed Pea’s
The Killers

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