Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Guilty Pleasures

A friend in the UK posted an article about guilty pleasures, the records you would have really loved to buy but they are so not cool. I have been known to sneak a listen to my daughters CDs in order to satisfy my cravings for some of these tracks.

1. Sophie Ellis Bextor : Get over you

Apart from lusting after her mother in my formative years ( She was a presenter on a children's TV show ) I love the melody of this song.

2 Womack & Womack : Love wars 12INCH remix

We got to quit all this fussing & fighting....yeah right

3. Lily Allen : Smile

Sorry but the lyrics make me laugh out loud, such simple pleasures

4. Maria Muldaur : Midnight at the Oasis

But you won't need no harem, honey
When I'm by your side
And you won't need no camel, no no
When I take you for a ride

5. Aerosmith : Janeys got a gun

Love in an Elevator as well: guilty as charged

6. Beach boys : Good Vibrations

I loooooove the Beach Boys

I dare not reveal any more of my dark secrets, oh OK one more.... I have a soft spot for
Billie Myers : Tell me as well.

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