Monday, September 04, 2006


So life carries on at the homestead; what a wonderful relaxing weekend it has been. Peace, quiet & the warmest one since the arrival of spring.
Warm enough to sit out on the deck & eat lunch. (poached salmon with salad)
H is heading to Spain on business on the 17/09 so I will be a full time Dad for the week, can’t wait.

Spain got me thinking about the first time I ever visited there.
It was my first time anywhere outside the UK for that matter, accompanied by my long time soul mate & two of our best friends.It was an exciting time an adventure waiting to happen.

The first step of this journey in to the unknown was not pleasant.
We were advised to get cholera jabs as there had been an outbreak there.They were an experience in themselves, as the onset of shivering & sickness laid us low for the weekend.

Soon the day arrived when it was time to depart,I can recall the whole trip, the experience of flying for the first time, the ENORMOUS measures of spirits for very little money, the cheap food, the drunken fun. Passionate nights & tired days spent recovering ahhh bliss.

My time in the studio this weekend has been productive, so much so that I will endeavor to spend a couple of hours every night this week in there until the children arrive. This is an effort to move my Vocal set on to the mixing stage of its life.

Listening to

Talking Heads
Andy Fraser
Eighties Electronic compilation
The Killers

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